Jun 12, 2009

2mr tmr TOMORROW! !!!

100m & 200m run 2mr!!!
Haven been running in a long tym..instead was a potato couch 4 yers!!
sobzz!!!wth..God bless me :s

May 30, 2009

Relay 4 life '09 by the Cancer Society Malaysia !

It was yesterday, the relay/walk 2 support fight cancer..Its a relay tat lasted a whole nyt but obviously, I went only 4 few hours.. :P.It started at 6pm but we only arrived at about 9..So jz wanna show lil bits of it..C how it looks like! XD

All this paper bags were filled with candles and messages were written on d paper bags for a remembrance to those who have lost their loved one's as well as messages to fighting cancer patients :)

Candles arranged in heart shape ! Big one !

Okay..That sunglasses is a turn off !!But i tink it sez 18/20?? So guys!!stop smoking!!

Kids and teenagers having fun in d field.. :)

Camp sites to those who joined d relay overnite..Suprisingly, lotsa teenagers!!

This is a challenge given to us..Running backwards..OMG...Don underestimate it..Freaking tiring!!!

Fake candid shot !!! We were 2 tired XD

Some random pictires :)

Yep!! Lets kick deir ass !!

So overall d walk's great..lotsa performances..Lotsa support 2...Jaclyn Victor was also dere..So r other celebrities..Cancer survivors were also present..And a bunch of starbucks workers came with their uniform for the relay.. :)..teenagers were also having fun..So great to see people being so supportive in fighting cancer !! Yeah!! Well done!!!

Btw...Dis blog's been abandn 4 about 2 months?? Sorry sorry!! :P..Been bz..so 4giv me!!heeh

Mar 22, 2009

Tiring day

ARGGGHHHHHH !!! Finally DONE !!!! Been cleaning my room all day 2day..Been sneezing all day 2...-__-..!!!
Luckily its done now :) YAY !

Mar 18, 2009

Random tought in my mind

Look forward-do my best-miss u guys-regrets-fear-lerned an expensive lesson-keep my fingers crossed and pray-taking risks and making decision-bare the consequences-happy-sad-worried-uncertain-confused-hope 2 do well-try to be positive-learning 2 adapt-hope tat god stays with me :)

Mar 13, 2009

Mar 7, 2009

Random pics - Australia !

Me in Perth airport..Jus reached tat tym..really chilling..nice weather !

Outside d airport

Streets of Perth..So nice and clean and comfortable!

The park inside Curtin University

Beachside view of Perth city..Sand's so white and clean and smooth.. ;)

CARAVAN !!! Im so curious of how dey look inside..Wish 2 own 1 nex tym XD

Very Very harum lavender !

The Park nearby aunt Cat and uncle Roger's hse ! V can see d view of Swan river..beautiful !

Red and fresh flowers XD

This is d BLACKBOY..this tree live for hundred over years already..bcx..it take 10 yers 2 grow an inch..can u believe it?!!!

Family pic !

Me and mum with d graduating Koala!!

Me and bro on the swing !

This is 1 super cute bird..Sumtyms they will cum up 2 land and open deir wings 2 dry dem..Super cute !!!

Playing foosball in aunt Cat's hse ! She has a very big and beautiful home..!

Australian dim sum..When we enterd d restaurant it feels like Malaysia again cx d restaurant is full of cantonese ppl including d waiters and waitresses! Mostly frm Malaysia i guess..Reli tasty!!

Turkey, roasted lamb and salads 4 diner..Aunt Cat prepared dem..Amazing and absolutely delicious!

On d way bak 2 malaysia!!Was so bored..so jz took random pics XD

D cutest thing !! Little Sheep a.k.a monkey !

View from d aeroplane..Heeh

Im reli reli thankful 4 having my eldest sis, carmen, aunt Cat, uncle Roger and family with us..D trip wudnt be great witout dem..cx dey helped us in so many ways..!
Overall it was a fantastic trip XD..really enjoyed myself dere !

Cruise trip !

We went on a cruise trip along the Swan river..It departs frm Perth city and takes about 30 mins-45 mins 2 reach Fremantle..It is 2 let us enjoy d scenery around Perth !

The view frm d cruise

When I looked into d water frm d cruise..I was so suprise 2 c so so many jelly fish..OMG...It's everywhere u can see it everywhere !!..All types of sizes..It looks like dis..And when I looked on the other side..I saw dere's ppl actually jet-skying..OMG ...Dis ppl arent scared at all..!

Me drinking my diluted lemonade ;)

After reaching back to town..Took a pic of d bus..Smthn tat we dont haf in Malaysia XD

Bell Tower...D sound of d bell keeps playing all day long ;)

Pic of us and aunt Cat !

We were on the tree top walk..Dere's a very high bridge which is actualy about the same level as d trees..so when we walk on d bridge, it feels like we r walking on tree top ;D..v v nice view.!

Family pic along d bridge !